Colleges Soccer Scholarships - Stanford University (Men’s Soccer)

Colleges Soccer Scholarships – Stanford University (Men’s Soccer)

Stanford University is a steady placer in the NCAA’s Division I rankings, confirmation that understudies can be shrewd and dynamic simultaneously. A large number of its soccer players are likewise Hermann Trophy beneficiaries, like Jordan Morris (2015), Catarina Macario (2018 and 2019), and Andi Sullivan (2017).

The full athletic grant incorporates subsidizing for educational cost, direction, wellbeing and documentation charges, food and lodging, supplies, individual costs, travel, and required reading material. Stanford University makes it simple for its understudy competitors to zero in on their examinations and sports by giving them a full ride!

In any case, accentuation should be made that the full grant does exclude Cardinal Care, the college’s understudy health care coverage. Understudy competitors need to forgo it on time (either June 15 or September 15, contingent upon grounds appearance). In any case, a health care coverage charge will be made each quarter.

Observe that Stanford seldom allows its understudy competitors to consolidate an athletic grant with need-based college help. Assuming you’re anticipating consolidating these two sorts of help, you ought to converse with your mentor about it.

If there should be an occurrence of an external grant being acknowledged while likewise being on an athletic grant, remember these college rules:

  • The beneficiary ought to be allowed to utilize the external grant assets to go to any instructive establishment, including Stanford.
  • The promoter, which can be an individual or an association, should not be subsidiary at all to Stanford. The rejections incorporate graduated class, staff part, lift, and delegate with athletic interest.
  • The grant, help, or give ought not to be given by an outsider games association or group with a cutthroat games program. The said help ought not to be given to a previous individual from said association or group.
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Understudy competitors wanting to get outside help while likewise on the college’s full grant program ought to talk about the matter with Compliance Service before making any move. There are cost-of-participation guidelines carried out by Stanford and by the central government that should be followed.

Contact subtleties: Send an email to
Call 650-723-3058
Mail to: Financial Aid Office, Stanford University, Montag Hall, 355 Galvez Street, Stanford, CA 94305-6106

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